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Staff List & Team Structure

May 2017

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Senior Leadership Team Executive Headteacher Matthew Shanks
Headteacher Andrew Hulbert
Deputy Headteacher, Learning Sue Manning
Deputy Headteacher, Teaching Suzannah Wharf
Assistant Headteacher, Learning Jo Chappell
Assistant Headteacher, Experiences Brian Whiffen
Assistant Headteacher, SENCO Clare Bamford
Associate Leadership Director of Sport & PE TAST Andy Balsdon
Director of Achievement and Outcomes Andy Balsdon
Associate Senior Leader (Teaching) Amy Pearce
Associate Senior Leader (Experiences) Pete Rose
Subject Team Leaders English Emma Plant
Expressive Arts Andy Tyner
Geography Trevor Britter
History and Sociology
Rebecca Bailey
ICT and Business David May
Mathematics Faye Robertson
Modern Foreign Languages Graham Grant
Citizenship Sam Jones
Science Fiona Peters
D&T Mark Clapham
James Thomas
Sport & Child Development Andy Balsdon
Heads of Year Head of Year 7
Lenita Turk
Head of Year 8
Clare Kingscott
Holly Kirkbride
Head of Year 9 Ruth Marsh
Head of Year 10 Paul Sheffield
Head of Year 11 Sian Rogers
Head of Year 12 Jackie Druiff
Head of Year 13 Joyce Walters
Curriculum / Team Area Team Leader Assistant (ATL) / Deputy Team Leaders (DTL) Teachers / Staff
English Emma Plant
Claire Sewell (DTL)
Expressive Arts
Andy Tyner
David Harbottle (ATL)
Leanne Rogers (ATL)
Geography Trevor Britter
History and Sociology Rebecca Bailey
Citizenship Sam Jones
Mathematics Faye Robertson
Matthew James (DTL)
Joanna Williams (DTL)
Modern Languages Graham Grant
Nicola Miller (DTL)
Sport & P.E. & Child Development
Andy Balsdon
(TAST Director of Sport)
Science Fiona Peters
Mike Morley (DTL)
D&T Mark Clapham James Thomas
ICT & Business David May
Curriculum / Team Area Team Leader Assistant (ATL) / Deputy Team Leaders (DTL) / Lead Practitioners (LP) Teachers / Staff
Tara Henderson
Finance Team
Sixth Form Jackie Druiff
Joyce Walters
Exam Officer / Curriculum Support Team Jo Hamer
PA for Executive Headteacher and Head of School
Matthew Shanks
Receptionist Brian Whiffen
Premises Team David Still

Cover Supervisors Jayne Jordan
Network Support Team
Neil Ault
Learning Resource Centre Sandra Betts
Reprographics Lynda Leyman
Learning Support Denise Brackley
Pastoral Support Hub
Jo Chappell
Catering Team Paul Evans
Tracy Cheeseman
Carol Eddy
Helen Gerry
Carol Honeywill
Satsuki Middleton
Joy Taylor
Cleaners Anne Elson
Roy Cook
Chris Eykyn
Tia Floyd
Julie Hughes
Claire Johnson
Julie Johnson
Suzanne Mclaughlin
Sarah Morris
Annette Rowe
Anne Simmonds
Anne Taylor
Emma Taylor
Debbie Vickery